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Since 1990, Jinli Composites Ltd., a private enterprise and member of the Composites Fabricators Association, has specialized in design, development and manufacturing of advanced composite products.

Well established in the windsurfing industry, our boards, fins, booms, battens and mast extensions are OEM on many leading brands. Our exotic bicycle designs have won recognized composite industry awards. ”„Supercar”¦ chassis components, kiteboards and bars, snowboard bindings, ultralight propellers are just some of the diversified products we make.
Guided by our company philosophy, "striving for excellence" at all times in technologies and workmanship, and with our low cost manufacturing base, we've been developing and reinventing ourselves rapidly since launch, making us the company to work with in the FRP industry.

Come visit us.......see how we work, enthusiastically overseeing every new project, directing our workforce of 300 trained managers, skilled technicians and hard working employees, providing the superior products and high levels of service and satisfaction our global customers expect.
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