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With diversified manufacturing capabilities, including pul-winding, bladder molding and press molding, there are few composite parts we cannot manufacture. Our secondary manufacturing and finishing capabilities range from precision cutting, milling and machining, to spray painting and silk screening. Unique skills and advantages place us as a composites leader for recreational, marine and automotive industry applications. We can provide you with raw or finished all-composite parts, composite parts designed to work with your existing non-composite parts, or fit our composite components with your non-composite parts here on-site. Our recently expanded facility is flexible enough to handle custom short run component fabrication to long run mass production of unlimited quantities. Each process, from handling quotes for potential customers to putting finishing touches to a newly manufactured product is carried out with the highest possible quality in mind. High quality is an essential factor to our customers' success, and to our own.

Quality and customer service are integral with every product we make.


Summary of production processes available

  • Compression molding
  • Hand lay-up
  • Open and closed mold lamination
  • RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) / VARTM (Prepreg vacuum forming)
  • Sandwich construction
  • Hollow monocoque seamless construction V small and large structures using prepreg materials
  • Autoclave curing
  • Pultrusion and pulwinding
  • Hand shaping / handfoiling
  • CNC milling and cutting
  • CNC post processing
  • Mold making

The next couple of pages provide some more detailed information about some of these processes K

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