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We specialize in niche markets and prototyping, with minimal tooling costs and quick turnaround through innovative engineering. Our service includes free, practical advice, working with customers to identify precisely the right material for every application - showing them how they can achieve real benefits in component cost and performance.

"In house" testing facilities and programs involve tensile tests, three-point and four-point bending tests, impact tests and fatigue cycle simulation tests. Furthermore we can analyze failure mode and crack propagation of composite materials. On request, any test can be executed according to customer requirements.

We are looking ahead and we continuously invest in the development of new methods of production and mould systems.

We design, manufacture, install, repair and service all fiberglass and composite reinforced products and our work also includes pattern and mold making / prototyping.

With expert knowledge we provide companies with the advice and guidance they need to exploit the full potential of composite design.

We produce our own molds and our development department and molding shop consist of able craftsmen and engineers.


With over 15 years experience in the production of composite products, we offer engineering services and testing in addition to design development. Our design capabilities include computer-aided drafting and 3D modeling. We can work from models that you have constructed or we can build your first prototypes for you.


All our designs begin with a concept and feasibility of a basic idea. To determine properly whether a lightweight / composite solution is feasible in both production / technical and economic terms, we will work out different conceptual designs, with the aid of advanced modeling programs. This, one of our greatest strengths, can be done rapidly and economically.

Then, on the basis of one or more chosen conceptual designs, we work out several variations based on the mechanical properties of a fiber-reinforced product and its actual produce ability. This keeps the number of prototypes to a minimum. Choice of material, design, and production technology are always a single unit.

We guarantee our clients an optimal design within the framework of their requirements.

Our design criteria:

  • Superior function
  • Cost efficiency
  • Aesthetics


The construction of a prototype is always a logical step in development of a new product. During prototype construction the production process can be further upgraded, too. This is a cost-effective way to bring a product into the market place without the distraction of developmental problems.

Our skilled engineers use current computer tools and analytical methods including AUTOCAD to take projects from initial concept through to manufacture. This usually includes the development and execution of performance and structural test programs to prove the final product.

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