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Jinli Composites Ltd (formerly Super Surf Ltd) is established as a windsurfing equipment trading company in Hong Kong importing and distributing windsurfing equipment.  As the sport of windsurfing quickly evolves, main suppliers in Europe need high performance windsurf fins produced in a low cost area.  We began helping our suppliers source manufacturers to produce the fins.  After 3-4 years of trading fins, it was found that manufacturers could not keep up with the fast developing fin market demanding increasingly better quality, higher technology and quantity.


Our MD Francis Wu, decides to start his own manufacturing facility in order to keep this developing market properly supplied -  a new factory starts operation as a subsidiary to Super Surf Ltd (HK).  Beginning with 20 workers in the small provincial village of Daizhou, Dongguan, within 3 years we quickly developed into the worlds best and largest supplier of high performance fins.