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Chairs and table.
Simplicity is everything. Clean easy lines and smooth look. Put anything on it and it will look good !!...
Posted : 31 Jul 09
New direction for furniture design
Francis Wu - owner and former interior designer in the 70s and 80s is now back on the design work. First design is for a bed set with headboard and side tables integral with lighting, sounds etc... It will be built out of carbon and honeycomb core. The first prototype will be used by Franc...
Posted : 15 May 09
New process for board building and lots of Wood and Bamboo.
Maurizio and Francis had been busy at work creating wood and bamboo veneer sandwich boards. These new boards will have the special properties of the natural wood and bamboo fiber- tough, strong, rigid and light weight and most of all ecological. There had been intensive R&D for almost ...
Posted : 15 May 09
2016 Coming.
It has been a while since the last update. Jinli Has been going through a lot of ups and downs in the last few years. Fortunate thing is our client had been loyal and work steady in spite of the general big dip in manufacturing in Southern China. In terms of process and technology we h...
Posted : 25 Dec 15