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2012 Update
We have been extremely busy for the last 2 years. The company had undergone a complete revamp of the basic administration structure.We had completed a few ground breaking , exciting projects....2011 we had purchased our own office space in Fanling and moved there. Plenty of light and green...
Posted : 31 May 12
Armchair #1
Easy comfortable chair with body contour.....
Posted : 27 Jun 09

Lumigreen Project

Jinli and Per Lysaa from Norway have been on this project for about a year. Target is  to develop  a grass/lawn growing machine for stadiums in Northern countries in the cold and less sunlight winter months. First development calls for units that are 1.5m x 1.5m loaded with ...
Posted : 28 Jun 08
New Art projects completed for Norwegian artist Per Lysaa
Several projects had been completed this summer. 2 of them had been successfully installed - the Bull heads wall and the large Flying Fish with success and spectacular results. The series of projects from Animal shape to Plant, Wave walls can be seen on the below link: www.intravisionart.c...
Posted : 21 Sep 08