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Our Expansion Continues

After moving into our new 14,000 sqm production facility with 2 other buildings for workers and management / visitor living facilities, space was running out after 2 years. Our old facility as been undergoing a series of transformation and additions that adds another 10,000sq. m. of p...
Posted : June 2008

Surf Products Update

The cooperation with Santa Cruz surf boards has been a great success since 2005 and 2007 sees JinLi producing all of Santa Cruz’s surf board production.  We are now working on the 2008 season models which we prototyped in May / June / July, to debut in the USA at various trade s...
Posted : July 07

New Products - Custom Motorbike Parts

Motorcycle parts - Since 2006, we have been working with various leading custom motor bike companies in Europe producing their high end body panels in prepreg autoclaved construction.  It is a fast expanding area for JinLi which allows us to showcase the expertise and experience that ...
Posted : April 07