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Surf Products Update

Posted : July 07

The cooperation with Santa Cruz surf boards has been a great success since 2005 and 2007 sees JinLi producing all of Santa Cruz’s surf board production.  We are now working on the 2008 season models which we prototyped in May / June / July, to debut in the USA at various trade shows in August and September.  The most special aspect for JinLi for this 2008 season from a manufacturing innovation perspective, is that we will be implementing an unique moulding technology developed to get the product to be an exact replica of the masters from the designer having identical rocker, rails, and flex with by fine tuning the lay-up. The new  boards will be the lightest boards out of any other surfboard manufacturers using the moulding technology. They have been thoroughly tested with some of the best and most brutal riders for months to make sure they will go through all conditions on the water

Our recent collaboration with Pope Bisect, developing a carbon, hollow 2-part surf board has reaped good results.  We had started some limited production since the beginning of this year and we hope to ramp up to full production by the end of this year.  This is a very exciting project, pushing the design limits of composites as well as incorporating some very innovative thinking. There development for a big Stand Up Trisect had been finished and will be added onto the line-up of the Pope models.