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Lumigreen Project

Posted : 28 Jun 08

Jinli and Per Lysaa from Norway have been on this project for about a year. Target is  to develop  a grass/lawn growing machine for stadiums in Northern countries in the cold and less sunlight winter months. First development calls for units that are 1.5m x 1.5m loaded with special LED lights on the bottom on a light composites panel that hovers and carry all fans and controller for the job. 16 panels  we made to be sent to research centers and universities in the UK and USA for research data collection. A large unit that hovers at 10m x 2.5m was sent to the Oslo National Stadium for on site testing and usage in February. Encouraging results are coming back and we are gearing for  large scale production of these units - with a lot of improvements. Grass grows from seed to 20mm long in 4 days at minus 5 degrees Celcius.