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2012 Update
Posted : 31 May 12

We have been extremely busy for the last 2 years. The company had undergone a complete revamp of the basic administration structure.We had completed a few ground breaking , exciting projects....
2011 we had purchased our own office space in Fanling and moved there. Plenty of light and green in the area..
In China, we have succeeded in transforming Jinli from a Co-op type company to a limited company status - further conolidateing itself for future deveopment and expansion. The work force has finally stabilised so production is very stable. Quality of work has been going up and up.
Last year we see a minimum of 40% increase in production volume in all departments and board manufacturing has almost doubled the number of boards produced... There were numerous process improvements on the production and we have diversified even more into all kinds of techniques making us very versatile.
We have spread to the art object area making and completed a few spectacular pieces of art work.
Outstsanding performance and perfect finishing is what we are aiming for at all times with an affordable price. We continue to assist our clients with design and composites conversion from traditional materials production...  We continue to develop products with our own design in furniture making and 5 axis CNC machine .