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2016 Coming.
Posted : 25 Dec 15

It has been a while since the last update. Jinli Has been going through a lot of ups and downs in the last few years. Fortunate thing is our client had been loyal and work steady in spite of the general big dip in manufacturing in Southern China. In terms of process and technology we have made leaps and bounce... more updates are to come. We have moved factory from Kiaotau Town to Chang Ping Town in Dongguan. Main reason is to have a more efficient manufacturing space. Now we have 2 buildings- one dedicated to board manufacturing and the other for car parts, boom and fins plus extra. The new warehouse is extensive and organised. The dormitory for workers and management and canteen is walled off form manufacturing for easier management of worker flow. With the new organised work spaces, production quality, management and efficiency has gone up tremendously and next year we are anticipating for another 50% growth. The last 2 years we have seen overall production has gone up 30% each year. At this new location, the local government is very enthusiastic about our presence and do help out a lot along the way since we moved here. this is a big boost to our performance in the long term. More posts are coming about the new production....