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  Wind - Windsurf

We have extensive experience with the windsurfing industry.  Proprietor Francis Wu owned the largest windsurfing centre in Hong Kong in the late 70s and early 80s.  He was the first licensed trainer in Hong Kong, training its first seventy to eighty windsurfing instructors at the time.  For years following he was the importer for such well known brands as Mistral, Gaastra, HiFly, Vinta, Bic, Simmer, Nautix; distributing windsurfing products throughout South East Asia and Hong Kong.

All this combined experience proves invaluable when it comes to helping out our clients to design, develop and manufacture whatever they need for this sport and industry.

We provide extensive product design and test experience, for a wide range of board products and accessories.  We have built up a respected industry wide reputation for the development and production of quality boards using market leading production materials and processes.

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