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Jinli Composites have been producing binding systems and parts for some of the leading snowboarding brands.  By incorporating composites into their designs, they are able to achieve systems that are greater in strength than plastics or alloys, achieve both stiffness and flexibility in the areas which are required without compromising on weight.  Also, there are the added benefits of resistance to corrosion and fatigue.

We had assisted leading brand Flow to make its mark on the slopes with composites binding R&D, design and production for their first 3 years of composite binding introduction to the world.  We have also worked extensively with Burton - the leading snowboard brand in the world with R&D, design fine tuning and mass production of their high end composite bindings.

Designing with composites for the snowboarding market offers the possibility to have areas that need to be stiff, to be very stiff and areas that require flexibility, to be flexible.  Also attractive colour options are possible and the product is corrosion free with high fatigue life.

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