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Composite material automotive parts and components are increasing in popularity due to market demands and the developments in design in the automotive industry:

  Increased fuel economy through weight reduction.

  The growth of the after-market where consumers are looking for performance and unique aesthetic components to customise their vehicles.

  Integration of electronic devices, like antennae and GPS systems into the composite panel or spoiler whilst at the same time provides electrical insulation.

  Designers seeking part consolidation with cost reduction; composite panels and components can replace numerous steel parts.

  Composites provide much better sound dampening of sound emissions compared to aluminium or steel, from structurally dependent parts.

  Offers designers greater design freedom as some forms are just not possible to create economically steel.

  Chemical resistance to oil, fuel, brake fluid, cooling agent and salt water.

  Corrosion resistance.

  Closed composite sections can carry the same loads as steel.

  Very low coefficient of linear thermal expansion; panels will not distort in summer or winter.

We understand the demands of automotive customers - weight reduction, cost reduction, improved structural and acoustic performance, application and design customization and quicker speed to market.

We can provide solutions in the form of value-added material systems, parts and design and engineering services, all of which are tailored to fit the needs of each individual customer.  We have had the experience of producing 100+ different automotive components to date.  And we can offer in-house mould making, ODM / OEM.

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