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Hicycle Hip Hop Hybrid - The H frame bicycle
Hip Hop has redefined bicycle design and looks, in an affordable, perfect blend of form, function and fun. Innovative carbon composite frame with unique, quality features, at a price level previously unavailable. The new “go-anywhere, feel good, look great vehicles!”

Hip Hop - New thinking
Hicycle leads the change into the new millennium, with intelligent and distinctive design. The change is so visible – just compare the radically new Hip Hop to conventional, metal tube bicycle designs.

Hip Hop - Composite Technology
Carbon composite - the wonder material of the future. Hip Hop frames feature the revolutionary carbon composite seamless monocoque construction (one-piece). Composites can be molded into virtually any shape with precision tailored strength, stiffness or flexibility. Hicycle pioneering Hip Hop frame design and construction method results from many years of proven experience using composite technology in manufacturing bicycle, sports and industrial equipment. Our composite designs have won international design awards, and acclaim in many popular bike magazines.

Hip Hop - Innovation
Our truly new design is borne from innovation. Artistic and computer aided design have created an exceptionally lightweight full-suspension frame – 2500 grams. Our unique salient stays integrated rear suspension is finely tuned into frame, by the strategic use and orientation of carbon fiber in the frame lay-up. These “custom-tailored” suspension frames deliver a feeling of real shock absorption and probably the best all-round riding experience. Our highly efficient design has none of the conventional suspension drawbacks such as extra shocks, links, weight, cost, maintenance and loss of pedal power. More innovative frame features, combining function and form: the H-Shape frame center and Power-Pillar main beam extension. Their massive cross-sections are torsionally stiff, minimising frame flex while increasing power transfer. A Carbon anti-compression strut, is fitted on the drive-side only, to successfully eliminate pedal induced suspension.

Hip Hop - Features
The Hip Hop frame has a true unisex design. The ultra-low standover height makes mounting and dismounting so easy. The Power-Pillar is designed with a molded-in front derailleur mount for easy set-up and adjustment. Hip Hops are further enhanced by integrated internal cable routing eliminating potential cable damage or corrosion. A hand hold under the H-Shape centre makes Hip Hop easy to lift and carry by hand! Two easy access water bottle cage mounts offer non-stop pleasure cruising, even when thirsty.

Hip Hop – Components and Comfort
Hip Hop has a SR Suntour 900 front suspension, Shimano Deore group, Araya, DT, IRC and VP components. Hip Hop also has a unique carbon composite Hicycle Joystick handlebar/stem – ultra light and great shock absorption. An option available for those seeking ultimate comfort is the adjustable angle handlebar stem with carbon handlebar. Hip Hop frame-sets, carbon seatposts and Ergoball bar-ends are all available separately.

Hip Hop - Construction
Our international team of bike experts R & D, construct, test and finish every product. Every Hicycle product is handcrafted with meticulous detail to the highest standard. We are committed to using only the best materials, tools and production methods. Thorough quality control and critical testing on every carbon frame and component ensures it won‘t break, bend, dent, rust, corrode or fatigue like conventional “high-performance” metals.

At Hicycle, we believe in quality production…not mass production. The proof is in our product, so take a look, take a ride, and then try convincing yourself that this is not the most beautiful and best bike ever!

H … Shaping the future.

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