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The MAGMA Red Hot, available in Hardtail or Full-suspension, is the perfect mountain bike for the dedicated and enthusiastic cyclist who wants a high-tech, torsionally stiff and extremely light machine, who demands a comfortable ride and good shock absorbency, and who is determined to keep up with the latest technology.

Long, steep climbs are no problem, thanks to the light yet robust construction of the MAGMA Red Hot, and high-speed downhills bring sheer excitement, because of its excellent tracking and controlled, integrated suspension. The MAGMA Red Hot is the ideal vehicle for the discerning mountain biker also on long and varied rides.

All the best shapes already exist in the natural world .That’s why we use natural construction principles, “nature-proven” technology as it were in the shaping of the MAGMA Red Hot’s carbon components. The monocoque frame, and all the carbon parts keep their promises: they are one-piece and totally seamless, but still hollow inside like a straw.

The Full Carbon Monocoque Construction (FCMC) builds a seamless, hollow, robust yet ultra lightweight frame of 1750grams (46cm) plus guarantees an extraordinary loading capacity and durability.

Our “natural” construction principles and aesthetic designs result in high-tech products which let you move in harmony with nature. It took us over two years of rigorous testing and innumerable prototypes to be really satisfied with the MAGMA Red Hot’s newly developed carbon frame and components. The result: spectacular products of the highest possible quality.

The “quadrophony” aims to harmonize four crucial factors-rigidity, Shock absorbency, Weight and load-bearing capacity, so that instead of one factor functioning well at the expense of another, the successful combination leads to the best possible overall product. Torsion Control Technology (TCT), Integrated Suspension System (ISS) and the “power-flow” orientated directional fibres and material dimensions are all intrinsic parts of this combination.

Brilliant? Maybe. That’s why we have submitted this innovative production technique for a patent. The Material: Carbon Fibre Composite. Carbon has the lowest specific weight of all frame materials. Carbon’s physical qualities offer a virtually unlimited range of possible shapes, and an unrivalled weight/rigidity ratio; the reinforcements are put in exactly at the points of most stress, so that the frame has all the necessary rigidity, and yet remains incredibly light.

The extraordinarily efficient balance of energy used in the production of carbon fibres means that the manufacture of our carbon products is environmentally friendly, helping the places all across the world where mountain bikers practice their sport to remain intact.

Internally routed, teflon-coated cable guides are mounted with the least possible bend to minimize the power needed for braking and gear changes.  The torsion tube between the top and down tube radically increases frame rigidity without any negative effect on the frames shock absorbing properties.

Down tube diameter increases towards the bottom bracket to take the stress and guarantee highest strength and stiffness. The multi-dimensional winding of the carbon fibers prevent shocks from damaging the frame.

Exactly defined fiber winding combined with aluminum inserts for the 28.6mm head and 31.6mm seat tubes secured with extra hard epoxy foam result in extremely durable assemblies. Full Carbon Monocoque Construction.  Reinforcements where they are really needed.

The bottom bracket is reinforced by increasing the material dimensions with unidirectional carbon fibers for a very stiff construction and optimum energy transfer.  Minimum torsion, maximum suspension and minimal weight.  A sloping, decreased diameter top tube improves standover height and shock absorbency.  Replaceable rear dropouts are CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum.

It goes without saying that all our products show highest quality standards and excellent surface finish.

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